The fast path to smart device creation

Mason transforms your smart device

ideas into reality.

What is Mason?


• Secure
• Proven
• AOSP-based
• Configurable
• Enterprise-focused

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Mason Fleet Management Services

• Remote device management
• Remote debugging
• Analytics, logging, and alerting

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Professional Services

• Design/engineering
• Business development
• ODM and program management

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Ready-to-go, Android-based enterprise OS for your smart device


  • Secure
  • Proven
  • AOSP-based
  • Configurable
  • Enterprise-focused

Secure your fleet with regular security patches, plus low-level OS control to reduce attack vectors.


With products shipped to 70+ countries across a range of industries and device types, MasonOS powers the world around you.


MasonOS is an optimized, lightweight version of Android based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), giving developers a familiar and proven technology to work with.


Configure your base OS in minutes with a YML file, or leverage our software development kits to dynamically control the hardware and UX in real time.


Minimize testing and maximize uptime with standardized Android versions across your devices, while a clean, bloat-free OS optimizes performance, battery life, and UX.

Remote fleet management services for your MasonOS devices

Mason FMS

  • Diagnostic tools
  • Remote reboot, debug, and logs
  • Over-the-air updates
  • Zero-touch provisioning
  • Cellular connectivity
  • Analytics, logging, and alerting
Diagnostic tools

Our integrated support tools provide granular insights about your devices so you can identify and fix issues faster, delivering world-class service to your customers.

Remote reboot, debug, and logs

View and control any device in your fleet directly from Mason’s Controller platform to provide real-time, hands-on support for users. Remotely ADB into any device to pull real-time logs, debug apps, bring up a Unix shell, and more to troubleshoot issues in the field.

Over-the-air updates

Update thousands of devices at once, improving turnaround time and speed to market — no manual plug-ins or reboots required.

Zero-touch provisioning

Completely automate your device setup and remove manual touch points to ensure consistent configuration every time.

Cellular connectivity

Stay connected with our global cellular data plans. Whether you’re leveraging cellular as a primary or backup connectivity option, our turnkey plans offer competitive rates and unparalleled flexibility.

Analytics, logging, and alerting

Get full control over your fleet’s data usage and optimize data consumption by setting alert thresholds, generating account-level and device-specific reports, and using APIs to analyze usage trends.

Mitigating risk and accelerating your time to market

Mason Professional Services

  • Business development
  • ODM management
  • Program management
  • Design and engineering
  • Logistics management
Business development

Grow fearlessly with services ranging from provisioning and kitting to warehousing and fulfillment. Whether you’re enhancing workflows of existing teams or offloading everything onto Mason, we’ll help you reach any scale.

ODM management

Working with ODM partners is a Mason specialty. We can handle all the complexity of ODM logistics so you can focus on delivering quality products and experiences to your end users.

Program management

Minimize your admin overhead by working with a single vendor for hardware sourcing, logistics, cellular data, and device management.

Design and engineering

Have an idea for a hardware solution but not sure how to implement it? Let our product designers and engineers handle it, translating your vision into tangible reality.

Logistics management

Spend your time and resources building great products, not managing your infrastructure. Leverage our logistics services to bring cloud-like elasticity to hardware operations and grow from one device to thousands, magically.

How it works

Are we the right partner for you?

Have funding and an idea for a smart device?

Get to market quickly without an in-house hardware and ops teams. Talk with our professional services team to learn about your fastest path to market.

Have hardware but need an OS?

Use MasonOS to get to market quickly! Powered by our secure, Android-based enterprise OS, bringing your own devices to market has never been easier.

Only need an ODM?

Mason hardware bundles best with our OS. If you’re only in the market for an original design manufacturer, we may not be the right fit. Curious about the benefits of bundling Mason hardware, OS, fleet management, and logistics services?

Get in touch with our team today — we’d love to chat.

Only need consulting?

Consultation is part and parcel of finding your perfect Mason solution, but not offered as a standalone option. We know our stuff, but our expertise really shines when we’re able to match Mason solutions to your unique pain points. If you only need a consultant, we may not be the right fit.

Wondering how our a la carte or end-to-end mobile infrastructure services could bridge the gaps for you? 

Drop us a line — we have some ideas.


Have hardware but need an OS?

Use MasonOS to get to market quickly!
Powered by our secure, Android-based enterprise OS, bringing your own devices to market has never been easier.

Per-device license

Save on licensing fees when you bring your own devices — license fees only apply to the hardware we build together.

Per-platform development fee

Embrace cost predictability with one-time development fees. No matter how many devices you need, pay just one fixed cost per form factor.

Mason FMS

Choose to complement MasonOS with our comprehensive fleet management services featuring diagnostic tools, remote reboot and wipe, remote debugging, and more.

Extended support

Longer warranties are no problem. Our extended support option gives you peace of mind for your devices beyond the typical one-year warranty.


How much does this cost?

Our solutions are tailor-made to save you resources. Get to market quickly and efficiently while reducing overall cost!

Per-device license fee
With Mason, it’s pay-as-you-grow. Only pay license fees for the devices we build together — not the hardware you bring to the table.

Per-platform development fee
Focus resources on the types of devices your end users need by paying fixed, one-time fees per form factor developed. Scale easily as you expand your market.
Optional: Extended support
We’re here for you when you need us. Extended warranties are available as an add-on option.

Optional: Mason FMS
Make your device fleet management a breeze by bundling MasonOS and Mason FMS together at an optional added rate.

Optional: Mason Professional Services
From business development to design and engineering to logistics, add on the services that make your life easier, priced according to need.

Why not build my own?

MasonOS speeds your time to market.

Reduce your overhead.
Our solutions are hyper-focused on saving you time, money, and resources. Whether you want a single vendor for logistics and operations or an end-to-end smart device solution that handles everything, Mason meets you where you need us most.

Less risk
Building your own solution from scratch comes with a number of unknowns. Ensure your product’s delivery from beginning to end with a proven partner like Mason.

Faster time to market
From zero-touch provisioning to over-the-air deployments and remote access to any device in the field allows you to update thousands of devices at once, cutting out manual time-sucks and getting you to market fast.

Focus on your core value prop
Spend far less time and resources worrying about the details and focus on what you do best: creating and managing a world-class product for your end users. MasonOS can handle the rest.

Why not just use MDM?

MDM is just one part of the problem.

When you need device fleet management, you need connectivity — that’s where MDMs don’t have you covered. Partnering with Mason means you bundle everything you need into one vendor.

Remote debug and management
Manually connecting and updating individual devices makes it impossible to scale quickly and effectively, while physical troubleshooting is complicated and time-consuming. Mason’s remote control and OTA updates simplify fleet management in every way.

Refurbishment tools
Cut out the noise of multiple vendors and touch points with Mason’s end-to-end smart device ecosystem, making it swift and cost-efficient to replace or refurbish hardware.

Analytics and logging
Performance is no longer a black box with Mason’s detailed analytics and logging tools, easily accessible via our Controller platform. Pull detailed logs remotely to troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly. Optimize performance with the data you need right at your fingertips.

Deep integration into MasonOS
Our hardware, fleet management, and logistics services work together with MasonOS to serve you a seamless, streamlined smart device solution — all you need to focus on is your app.

Supported platforms

Form factors and chipsets we support today:

• Qualcomm Snapdragon 2xx, 4xx, and Wear 4100
• Wearable, handheld, and tablet
• …and more!

Have an idea for a hardware solution, but not sure how to make it reality? Start a conversation with our experts to see how we can bring your vision to life.

“We’ve launched two products on Mason now. The confidence we have in their hardware and OS lets us focus on our core products, not the underlying infrastructure.”

Todd Westby


How our customers succeed with us today

Extended device life cycle

5-year life cycles simplify procurement and availability

End-to-end control over OS and device updates

Bolster security while freeing up dev and ops resources

Connectivity, reverse logistics, and more services

Support devices in the field and relieve operational burdens

OTA deployments and remote debugging & updates

Update thousands of devices at once, improve turnaround time and speed to market, and revolutionize in-the-field support and resolution

Supply chain predictability

Provide singular SKUs and reduced fragmentation for both OS and devices

Automated workflows

Integrate into CI/CD and devops processes, reduce team busy work, slash time to provision, and make device setup a breeze

Customizable OS and single global SKU

Obtain complete control over devices and updates, allowing for consistent training and documentation

Fleet management

Standardized hardware, OS, and logistics support simplifies processes from start to finish

Streamlined operations

A single vendor and point-of-contact across the hardware, OS and fleet management, and logistics ecosystem streamlines processes

Proven expertise

Knowledgeable, reliable product support from real humans with proven expertise in the Mason management suite, beginning to end